[IWA 2022] The Jericho, Rebooted: IWI Jericho II

In this episode of TFBTV, James Reeves is at IWA 2022 visiting with IWI to talk about the IWI Jericho II, IWI’s update to its legendary Israeli classic service pistol.

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POTD: Everyone Should Have At Least One Battle Axe

Our Photo Of The Day article series brings together some of the most eye catching and visually appealing images. You won’t find a lot of pictures of sunsets, flowers or touristic landmarks here, instead, the photo selection spans from soldiering, firearms, special units, snipers and the odd knife or two. Other sharp objects are fine too, especially with the right background, and today we’re on the subject of Battle Axes. This Battle Axe is made by Halfbreed Blades from down-under, Australia. The photos are taken by the talented Sully.photo, a product and composite photographer for the firearms Industry. 

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POTD: The UZI Evolution

Fantastic photos always have a place here at TFB and our Photo Of The Day. Photos to compare the UZI-lution are always welcome as a reminder of the past. This is the UZI Evolution and IWI are now celebrating over 65 years of it in service. Do you prefer the modern Uzi or the classic one?

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Surplus IWI Micro Tavor X95s Offered In Canada

With or without optics. The iron sights on the Tavors are pretty clever. B&T have a similar solution on some of their firearms.

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IWI GAL VPS – New Lightweight Riot Control Suit

The complete IWI GAL VPS Versatile Protective Suit provides 360° total
protection for law enforcement officers. It is the first three level-Concealed
Mode, Search & Arrest, and Riot Mode-operational solution designed for the
user’s safety in extremely dangerous situations. The GAL VPS, equipped
with IWI’s unique Wave system, absorbs massive kinetic trauma.
The proprietary GAL system utilizes the suit’s materials to mitigate the
kinetic energy from blunt force trauma by absorbing and deflecting the
effects across a broader area causing it to dissipate faster. The flexible,
light-weight material, protects from injury and allows the user to respond to
threats quicker after being attacked.

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IWI Announces New ACE-N 52 Rifle

Israel Weapon Industries (IWI) have announced a new addition to their range of Galil ACE rifles. The ACE-N 52 is chambered in 7.62x51mm and feeds from standard AR-10 magazines. The select fire rifle has had a number of ergonomic changes made, primarily with a new stock.

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IDF Are NOT Replacing the Tavor

Last week a number of Israeli news outlets reported that the Israeli Defense Forces had made the decision to replace the Tavor bullpup rifle in service with the M4 Carbine. The IDF have now confirmed that this isn’t the case.

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POTD: Nigerian Navy Sailors with IWI Tavors

Photo Of The Day and we have a cool picture above of Nigerian Navy sailors that participate in a visit, board, search, and seizure (VBSS) exercise aboard the Expeditionary Sea Base USS Hershel “Woody” Williams (ESB 4) earlier in August 2021. As you can see, they are using the Israeli Tavor bullpup rifle, which is designed and produced by Israel Weapon Industries (IWI). These barrels look really short, so I’m guessing they are using the Tavor CTAR Integral, with Mepro  21 day-night self-illuminated reflex sights.

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Manticore Arms X95 Optimus Polymer Forend

Accessories for the IWI X95 are rather limited. A lot of them are made by Manticore Arms. Well, Sven Jonsson, owner of Manticore Arms, has just released his X95 Optimus polymer forend. It is an extended handguard for your IWI X95 rifle.

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TFB Review: Mepro Foresight – Meprolight Red Dot Of The Future

There are a lot of optical sight options for your firearm. Today we take a look at an interesting optic that has a lot of potential and features you do not normally see in a reflex sight. The Mepro Foresight is an advanced augmented red dot sight that has a wide variety of reticles and options. It can also be paired with a smartphone for more features.

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IWI USA Releases Generation II of Galil ACE

IWI USA released today a new version of its popular Galil ACE, the GEN II. This latest configuration is reportedly born to bring to the successful model improvement based on collecting user feedback. Indeed it brings to the table a few new features that most users will definitely appreciate. Let’s see in a bit more detail.

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POTD: Oh Mamba! IWI Galil ACE

The Mamba green motorcycle steals the show in our Photo Of The Day, but we also have the Galil ACE, made by Israel Weapon Industries. This ACE is chambered in 5.56×45mm. What do you like most? Ride a motorcycle or head to the shooting range?

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Indian Army Receives First Negev Light Machine Guns

Various Indian media outlets have reported that the Indian Army has received delivery of the first batch of IWI Negev light machine guns which were ordered back in March 2020. The order for more than 16,0000 Negevs was a part of a series of purchases by the Indian military which saw not just light machine guns but also rifles, carbines and precision rifles.

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IWI's Light Machine Gun Production Line

Israel’s IWI recently made a significant flex with the posting of a photo of their Negev light machine gun production line. The photo features Negev LMGs for as far as the eye can see. Posted simply with the caption: “Just another day in the office, NEGEV production line”

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POTD: The IWI Galil ACE in 5.56×45

Today in our Photo Of The Day article we are looking at the Galil ACE, made by Israel Weapon Industries. This version is chambered in 5.56×45 mm.

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