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SureFire Sidekick Sneak Peek

Solider Systems got a sneak peek at the new SureFire Sidekick. For those of you who have been following SureFire’s latest releases, you will notice a recurring theme in their lights. They are re-purposing the technology from their 2211 wrist light, Titan AAA, and [Read More…]

Surefire XC1 WML

Surefire announced their XC1 at Shot Shot last year. Sometimes some of their offerings become vaproware. But not in this case. They are pushing their new weapon light and will be shipping them out in less than 30 days, according to their Facebook post. Here is a video [Read More…]


Coast HP3R Penlight

Coast announced a new rechargeable flashlight that is small enough to carry pretty much everywhere. The HP3R Penlight is approximately 5.8” long and weighs less than two ounces. It charges through a USB port. Coast made the HP3R to also take AAA batteries. The power [Read More…]