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FOR SALE: D-Day Tanks And Equipment

The Houston Chronicle recently ran a story about the Normandy Tank Museum shuttering its doors and selling off all their assets. As listed on the auction site Artcurial, thousands of military items, including tanks, vehicles, equipment and accessories will be [Read More…]

BSW Prototype Pistol

Strange Guns has finally uncovered the identity of a pistol that was for some time a mystery to that site: The BSW pistol prototype, a weapon that was a competitor to the Walther P38, and one of the few handguns with a gas system (more on that below): As Ian notes over [Read More…]


As a child I was taught the concept of inflation with this analogy: If Joe has 1000 oranges and you really really want one how much would you pay? If Joe has 1 orange and you really really want it how much would you be willing to pay? I never forgot the story of the [Read More…]