Wheelgun Wednesday: One-Handed Revolver Drills

For this week’s TFB Wheelgun Wednesday, we’ll explore some revolver drills that focus on using only one hand to shoot and reload your defensive revolver.  The whole premise of one-handed revolver drills is that one of your arms or hands have been injured, or that it’s being used in another capacity.  Statistically speaking, armed encounters last only seconds, with an average number of rounds fired being roughly two. The law enforcement community has had noted cases of officers having to reload their revolvers with only one hand.  However, it does take time that is rarely afforded in the close, one-on-one (or several-against-one) encounters that concealed carriers may face.  Regardless, if you regularly carry a revolver, or keep one on your nightstand, these one-handed revolver drills can make you better prepared for the worst.

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