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Lancer Systems has announced that Laugo Arms' export license has been issued, so Alien pistols are finally on the way. L30 AIR with brass catcher

Lancer’s Translucent Red magazines

Black Rifles aren’t always so black any longer, so why should magazines? Last Friday, the Black one, the sales of this Red Translucent Lancer magazine started, but only at Gun MagWareHouse. The story doesn’t tell if there’s a special reason behind the [Read More…]

Industry Day at the Range: Lancer MPX couplers, MCX Handguard | SHOT 2017

Lancer Systems brought out some particularly relevant products for the Industry Range Day this year, most notably components for the Sig Sauer MPX and MCX. Since Lancer already manufactures MPX magazines, the company answered an RFI from a European Law Enforcement agency to produce magazine couplers [Read More…]