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POTD: M110A1 CSASS at Hamid Karzai International Airport swedish sog Major General Chris Donahue A Brief Look at New and Old Weapons of the Taliban Afghanistan's law enforcement officials in Kabul recently seized a suspected Taliban weapons cache that included these pen guns.

Relocating the Kabul Arsenal

To be quite honest, the old Kabul Arsenal never needed to be “relocated” as it had never been lost, destroyed, or otherwise essentially altered. What this post is adding to the conversation is that someone who had a very legitimate interest in the arsenal [Read More…]

The Gun Shops of Kabul

Although there is much to be said about Afghan National Army, Afghan National Police, counterfeits, and the illicit small arms trade in Afghanistan, in this video we are specifically looking at the legal shotgun sellers in Kabul. These shotguns are legal to purchase and own, essentially being [Read More…]