An early .40 S&W subgun prototype from Brazil

For five whole decades or so after World War II, the .45 ACP and 9x19mm calibers were, as known, the most widely employed in pistols and submachine guns worldwide, this including Brazil. Types in wide use  by the country’s armed and police forces included the locally-made INA M.B.50 and M953, both in .45 ACP, and the Taurus MT-12, in 9x19mm, whose original projects came, respectively, from Denmark (Madsen M1950) and Italy (Beretta M12). Some indigenous designs, all chambered to the 9x19mm round, were, in fact, often tried by different individuals and manufacturers in Brazil, quite a few of them having already been shown to history-inclined TFB readers. Other than that, some foreign-made types were also adopted, such as the German-made Walther MPK and the Heckler & Koch MP5 in various sub-types. All in 9x19mm, of course.

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