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According to horror genre author Stephen King, there are three types of terror. This thing is all of them. [Gun Fest 2021] The New Trijicon DI Pistol Night Sights Minimalist Night Sights Strike Iron Sights Ultradyne C2 iron sights Deals-of-the-Week-Header-1 c4 precision KNS Precision Switchsight Folding Glock Sights Now Available (1) Ultradyne C4 and C4 Dynamount Backup Iron Sights (2)

Carry Handles: Why I Like Them

The humble AR-15 / M16 carry handle is often looked down upon by competition and target shooters, but for applications beyond range duty this old school arrangement is convenient as hell. Besides looking neat and retro, carry handles offer convenience and still an excellent set of iron sights. [Read More…]

How to Shoot a rifle with No Sights.

Kirsten Joy Weiss shares some tips on how to shoot a rifle in case the worst happens. You scope or your blade sight breaks off. She chooses a point above the receiver and a point on the barrel. Then shoots and walks the shots. She gets some impressive groupings.