[SHOT 2018] Hands on with Zore-X Gun Locks

Manufacturing a gun lock that is both very safe around those who shouldn’t be around your firearm, but yet have the ability to be instantly unlocked in times when you actually need your firearm during a self-defense situation is a very tricky design tightrope to cross. Zore, an Israeli based but producing in California company, thinks it has the answer. Essentially the product idea is to have a bullet-shaped chamber insert that expands when attempting to rack the slide to the rear (the extractor catches on to the chamber insert as it would with a live or dummy round), thus locking it into the chamber even further. This insert is attached to a block on the outside of a handgun, that has a rotating RAPIDial. Twisting this RAPIDial is very akin to twisting a Master Lock from the High School days of old, turn to a number one way, then back to the second number, then for a third time, in the opposite direction. However, this is only a 3 digit combination of 9 numbers a slot. Zore can be programmed with 20 different digits of 9 available numbers apiece (although this would be a poor decision to have all 20 in a self-defense situation).

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