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Ukrainian Troops with British SA80s POTD: U.K. Provide Specialist Training to Kuwaiti Land Forces British Army Shows Off Future Soldier Concept SA80 rifle Upgrade SA80 rifle Upgrade SA80 rifle Upgrade SA80A3 pipe range kabul L85A3 British Iraq suppressed SA80 SA80 and EM2 Virtus L85A3 British L110A2 LMG Army Operation Shooting Competition 2018 L85A3 Soldier with L110A2

A Belt-Fed Bren Gun with a Fatal Flaw: The Experimental X11E4 at The Armourer’s Bench

After World War II, the UK sought to modernize its small arms, many of which were based on designs originating from before the First World War. For its medium machine gun, the British were still using the reliable but increasingly obsolete Vickers water cooled gun in [Read More…]