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This year's Black Friday background checks for gun sales saw a spike over 2021. Orchid News Update: NICS Enhanced Background Checks January 2021 Shatters NICS Firearm Background Check Record Firearm Background Checks Remain High As COVID-19 Pandemic Continues California Ammo Restrictions Lifted - Judge Issues Temporary Injunction NICS background check Black Friday 2019 NICS Record for October Broken Two million NICS checks

Black Friday Record BROKEN: 200,000 Guns Sold – The “Trump Slump” Is a MYTH!

Those who expected the slump in the gun market to extend to the buyingest day in the year will be surprised: Black Friday, November 24 shattered the record for most NICS checks in a single day by over 17,000, reports USA Today. The total? 203,086 background checks [Read More…]