[SHOT 2016] ALS Technologies: Drones Beware!

Leading the good fight against our cyborg overlords this year was ALS defense (Amtech Less-Lethal Systems), with their Skynet anti-drone rounds for 12ga. shotguns and 37mm/40mm launchers.  All kidding aside, this is quite a capable antidrone round.  It works by spreading apart a bolo than can entangle the rotor blades as it ascends toward the drone.  The rounds for the 12ga 3 1/2″ Magnum can ascend 300ft, and achieve a 9 ft diameter, while the 2 3/4″ rounds can achieve a 5ft diameter.  Once they reach the apex of their ascent, the parachute down slowly enough to be caught in one’s hand.  The rounds are also non-toxic.  For drones with shrouded blades, steel shot can be inserted into cavities between the pieces of the round. Perhaps we should do an anti-drone round comparison review in the future, it is becoming a popular category!

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