TFB Weekly Amazon Deals 2: National Etch A Sketch Day

Welcome to Amazon Deals 2! Today is July 12th – National Etch A Sketch Day. What does an Etch-A-Sketch have to do with guns or gun gear? Well, to be completely honest, probably nothing. However, I was looking at one of these toys from my childhood in a store recently and it got me thinking about how fun these simple toys really are. For those who don’t know, the Etch A Sketch simply uses a glass or plastic sheet that gets coated with a very fine aluminum powder and then makes use of a pulley-driven stylus to “etch” an image onto the screen. Like any firearms-obsessed child, I drew plenty of guns, tanks, planes, and knives on my own Etch A Sketch. I spent countless hours on the road drawing every deadly instrument known to man while simultaneously trying not to let our station wagon’s ancient suspension destroy my aluminum powdered works of art.

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