Another "Non-Lethal" Weapon: The Active Denial System

There’s an upswing in the so-called non-lethal weapon trend which has led, as of late, to the adoption of the Police Force Triple Defender and The Alternative, both of which we’ve covered here on TFB. The Police Force Triple Defender is a triple-incapacitation system capable of emitting the acidic burn of pepper spray, the crackling voltage of a stun gun, or the disorientation of a strobe. The Alternative could easily be described as a ball-peen hammer condom for your gun; it’s a ball that snaps over your gun’s muzzle. Said ball captures the first fired bullet, turning the ball into what would hopefully be a non-lethal, but incredibly painful, projectile, making your first shot compelling but not deadly. Now we have another one, and while it isn’t brand new in design the idea of bringing it to law enforcement use is new. Enter The Active Denial System.

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