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Daniel Defense DD5 HUNTER Line of Rifles (111)

$98 Wal-Mart Scope Versus $400 Scope

Why Cheap Scopes Suck!  WATCH UNTIL THE END! Joel compares the previously tested Athlon Argos to a cheap $98 scope (Firefield Tactical) to see how well it would do as a long-range option. See for yourself why he swears by the saying “buy once, cry once”!  $98 Wal-Mart Scope Versus $400 [Read More…]

[SHOT 2018] New DoubleStar Star10-BX and Strongarm Pistol Brace

At SHOT Show 2018 we stop by the Doublestar booth to see what’s new. Nick, Director of Special Operations, takes us through some new products including the aluminum Strongarm pistol brace. Doublestar’s booth was decked out head to toe in new paint work by Valkyrie Combat out of Las [Read More…]

700 Magpul

SOCOM Looks to 6.5mm Creedmoor, .260 Remington for New Semiautomatic Sniper Rifle

The United States Special Operations Command (SOCOM) is considering a caliber change for their future semiautomatic sniper weapons systems. Although traditionally these medium range precision weapons have been chambered for the 7.62x51mm caliber common to NATO, it seems [Read More…]