Best Suppressor for the AR-15? [.223 versus .308 Cans]

In this episode of TFBTV filmed at SilencerCo in Salt Lake City, James Reeves and Austin R. from The Firearm Blog go to SilencerCo’s lab to answer the question: “Which silencer do I get for my AR-15? A .223 or a .308 can?” This is a difficult question because .308 cans are more versatile and can be used with more calibers including .300 Blackout. On the other hand, .223 cans are lighter, smaller, and usually less expensive. In this video, we have a blind panel compare the sound from each without knowing which is which, and asking what they think about .223 versus .308 cans. After the guys give their opinions, we hook the AR-15 up to a sound meter to see which one is actually quieter. The results may surprise you.

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