SILENCER SATURDAY #336: The Long Goodbye

by Pete

Good evening everyone and welcome back to TFB’s Silencer Saturday brought to you by Yankee Hill Machine, manufacturers of the brand new YHM 338 Bad Larry Suppressor. Last week we discussed bullet length/weight, barrel twist rate, and the importance of ensuring that suppressed firearms use properly stabilized ammunition. This week I am announcing that I will be handing off Silencer Saturday to a senior TFB staff member and moving into an Editor-At-Large role here at TFB. It is a long goodbye because I will return intermittently to review unique suppressors as time permits.

For almost seven years, Silencer Saturday has been my pride and joy and a way to share my passion for silencers and NFA firearms with our readers. Some of the most satisfying moments have come when I was able to relay a bit of news, information, or experience that gave someone the ability to make a good purchase decision. Whether you were brand new to the suppressor/NFA world, a casual shooter that owned a few cans and was looking for something different, or a power-user with a safe full of silencers, my goal was to provide you with useful information that was easy to understand and based on my actual experiences.

Looking back through 335 articles, there was an evolution in the reviews of new silencers and a the methods in which I presented my observations. In the beginning, I used MILSTD analog decibel meters (thanks to Ron Allen) to report back muzzle data. But as the series matured, it became clear that decibel testing should be left to the experts, in controlled environments, with industry standard equipment, and with processes and data that are verifiable. And even then, I believe that decibel testing is more suited to manufacturers that are in the research and development cycle and who need data to support internal geometry changes.

End users need to be able to see a complete picture of the silencer that they may spend $1,000+ on and that can’t be returned or exchanged if it doesn’t meet their expectations. My review strategy pivoted to a more wholistic view that included physical characteristics, price, mounting options, and company support. And I also tried to give you my personal feeling on the sound of each silencer in comparison to other market-leading options that are on the market.

I certainly screwed up from time to time, but I don’t have any regrets. If I could go back in time I would probably temper my enthusiasm for the Hearing Protection Act, and the 41P/41F NFA wait time debacle. Being overly regulated, the silencer/NFA industry is hyper sensitive to consumer sentiment; holding off purchases for better wait times, a change in regulations, or even for newer models to be released can have a negative impact on manufacturers, distributors, and dealers. As an independent voice, my goal should have been to temper expectations and impart a steady, calm flow of information.

Why am I moving on? I have an opportunity to do something new and exciting that has a lot of potential for growth. And while I love TFB and Silencer Saturday, this new venture will require my full attention. I simply will not have the time to shoot, review, and write weekly silencer content. Believe it or not, because of my other professional responsibilities, all Silencer Saturday material was produced on Saturdays. And the bulk of editorial duties were done on Sundays. So as much as I hate stepping away from TFB and this series, it will be nice to have some free time on the weekends.

I am extremely grateful to everyone here at TFB, especially James Reeves, Tom Rader, and Ben Ryder who all gave me the opportunity to lead the finest staff in the industry. I am also proud of the way The Firearm Blog has been able to avoid partisan political clashes that are simply unproductive. In doing so, we have been able to publish a wide variety of firearms content around the world without tribalism that is instead rooted purely in facts and data. I am also thankful for our sponsor, YHM. They have allowed me to write reviews, mostly about other manufacturer’s products, without ever asking to read or adjust content before being published.

TFB and Silencer Saturday is in good hands. I will be back every once in a while to publish a review or editorial (maybe as early as next Saturday) and will lurk in the comments section as time permits.

Thank you all for allowing me to intrude into your weekends. It has been a pleasure.

Be safe, have fun, and we’ll see you back here next weekend for another Silencer Saturday.


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