SIG Sauer Announces Slate Of New Guns And Accessories At SIG Next

Daniel Y
by Daniel Y

The first-ever SIG Next event featured a whole new range of guns and accessories. Think of it as a mini SHOT Show, just for SIG Sauer. James already covered the P320 SXG and P320 Flux Legion. Let’s take a look at some of the other highlights.

SIG Sauer @ TFB:

California-compliant Models

Sig has 3 new models coming to the California market. Two are part of the P320 line, and the other is a P365-XMacro.

P365 Fuse

The P365 is the largest member of the family yet. It boasts a 21+1 capacity with the same thin profile of under an inch. All models are optics compatible, and one model includes a Romeo-X red dot sight. A 17-round magazine is also included.

P226 40th Anniversary

The P226 is one of the most classic SIG handguns and is the image that pops into many people’s heads when they think of the brand. This throwback model has Hogue aluminum grips inspired by the originals and a box that mimics the packaging from the 1980s.

P226 X-Five Reserve

Another new P226 is part of the SIG Next lineup, and it is a far cry from the original P226 configuration seen in the 40th Anniversary model. The X-Five Reserve features adjustable target sights, an optics cut, extended 20-round magazines, and a muzzle compensator.

Cross Magnum Sawtooth

The heaviest-caliber Sig Cross just got even lighter. This new model has a Proof Research carbon fiber barrel and is coming in both 300 PRC and 7 PRC. The total weight for this magnum rifle is only 8.5 pounds.

Cross Rifle 277 Fury

Sig’s bolt rifle will soon be available in SIG’s new 277 Fury caliber. It has a 20-inch cold hammer forged barrel. Sig claims over 3,000 FPS with 150-grain ammo from that barrel length.

MCX-Spear 6.8x51

The civilian model of the Next Generation Squad Weapons (NGSW) is coming soon. It can achieve 3,000 FPS from a 16-inch barrel with 113-grain projectiles.

Echo Thermal Optics

New products from SIG Next are not limited to just guns. The new Echo family of thermal optics includes two rifle scopes and a clip-on thermal unit that adds thermal capability to daytime optics.

Romeo-X Enclosed Sight

The Romeo-X Enclosed red dot sight is a new family. The “Pro” version fits the Leupold Detlapoint Pro footprint, while the “Compact” version fits RMSc footprints. Battery life is listed at 20,000 hours.


The silencer designed for the XM7 program is also coming soon to the civilian side. It features monolithic construction and a LO-TOX design that reduces gas expulsion from the ejection port.

277 Fury Hybrid Match Ammo

The newest load for the 277 Fury is a hybrid match cartridge. It pushes the 155-grain Sierra bullet at a listed 3,000 FPS, thanks to the higher pressures enabled by the hybrid case design.

There's a lot in the pipeline from SIG, what are you most excited about? Let us know in the comments.

All images from SIG Sauer.

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