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Cloud Defensive® Releases New Torrent Weapon-Light Mounts! Non-Violence Torrent The Rimfire Report: Testing Norma's ECO Speed and ECO Power 22LR Meet Cloud Defensive's new scout-style weaponlight, the REIN. The AWCY 3D Printed Scz0rpion - Is a 3D printed Sub Gun Viable? Suppressed Nation Reviews the YHM Resonator K Rifle Silencer Enfield Rifle Company NOVUS Multi-Caliber Suppressor (1) bravo Metering Day Featured Deals of the Week Header Metering

Full Auto Controllability, Continued: How Do We Define Useful Fully Automatic Fire?

Previously, we talked about the word “controllability”, and what it means in relation to the recoil and ergonomic characteristics of a firearm. If you haven’t already read that article, I recommend you click the link here and do so first, as this post [Read More…]

Stop Worrying About Whether Your Gun Is “Viable” – Accepting Obsolescence in Your Arsenal

As we ride the shockwaves outward from the epicenter of the explosion which began in 2004 with the expiry of the Assault Weapons Ban, our community of gun owners has rapidly mutated from the set that characterized our parents’ and grandparents’ generations. [Read More…]