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New DIY "Mega Pistol" 3D-Printed and Aluminum Milled 22LR Semi-Auto Armenian K-2 Pistol (1) New Russian UDAV Semi-Auto Pistol Czech STRIKER SR-17 Semi-Automatic Pistol (2) HatsanUSA Sortie

Alpine Green B&T TP9 Semi-auto pistol

This is the first time I have ever seen a Alpine Green B&T. This firearm is a B&T TP9 semi-auto Pistol with (or without) an Aimpoint Micro TL. The specific model is BT-TP9TLGRN and they’re available at Dakota Tactical, a company with a whole lot of cool [Read More…]

The Savage 1907 Semi-Automatic Pistol

The Savage 1907 handguns sold well, shot great, and look interesting. In their day they were quite popular and offered shooters the ability to quickly shoot off 10 rounds before having to reload, which was quite impressive for a pocket pistol. In this installment of TFBTV, we do some shooting with [Read More…]

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