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Merkel Helix Carbon (7) Merkel Helix Speedster Straight Pull Bolt Action Hunting Rifle (3)

Merkel R15

Merkel announced a new bolt action rifle aimed at American hunters: the R15. The rifles will be available with either a synthetic stock or a walnut stock. Specifications magazine – detachable, 3 round (2 round in magnum calibers) 22″ barrel (24″ in [Read More…]

Helix Explorer

Merkel RX Helix Explorer

New for 2014 is the RX Helix Explorer from Merkel.  Like the original RX Helix, the Explorer is a straight pull bolt design that is said to be extremely fast.  The new Explorer is designed to be more resistant to the elements when outdoors with a synthetic stock and [Read More…]

TFB HANDS ON: The B&T USW-P Striker-Fired Pistol TFB Podcast Roundup 60: Weaponized Math and Aftermarket Parts Boyds Gunstocks now offers aftermarket furniture for the Steyr Zephyr II.

Boyds Adds Gunstock Support for Steyr Zephyr II Bolt-Action

When shooters hear the name Steyr Arms, most probably think of the AUG right away. The iconic Austrian bullpup’s distinctive aesthetics are hard to forget, after nearly half a century it’s still in use by a host of military and police units around the globe, [Read More…]

ADAR Ladoga and 2-15 Rifles [Arms & Hunting 2018] (660) Loophole

Caracel Pistol Stock

At Media Day I shot a Caracel Pistol with the stock and forgrip attached. The forgrip looks weird and the stock feel cheap, but I was surprised how ergonomic they were in practice. The company was represented by Germans at SHOT Show and I noted on Wikipedia that Caracel [Read More…]