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[SHOT 2022] Maxim Defense Suppressors, MD11 Rifle and Updated MD15

Maxim Defense was probably the company with the most new products released at SHOT Show 2022. They have updated their line of MD-15 rifles, introduced an entirely new suppressor product line, released a new AR10 pattern rifle called MD11 … pretty much everything [Read More…]

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The Rimfire Report: How Long Will Your .22LR Suppressor Last Firing 223/5.56?

Suppressors are great tools. Were it not for their status as an NFA item I reckon they’d be a far more common sight. Because of their status as NFA items, suppressors have attained a somewhat enigmatic reputation both inside and outside the firearms world. This [Read More…]

ARAVON's Blu 9x21mm. SOCOM Looks for Spotting Bullets for Replacing Tracers 1 Pietta 1873 SAA 4.75" Best Suppressors