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Kimber Solo 9mm

Kimber’s Solo Carry is a new sub-compact 9mm pistol. It is a single action striker-fired design. The pistols biggest selling point is that its ergonomics and style are inspired by the 1911. It really does look like a mini-1911. At the moment there are two models out. [Read More…]

Rechambering a Kimber Pro Carry pistol

Olav @ Firearms and Training wanted a kimber pistol in 9mm but could not find one he wanted that was California approved. He ended up getting a Kimber Pro Carry HD II .38 Super chambered in 9mm Luger / Parabellum. Read the blog post here.

Kimber Model 8400 Police Tactical

New for 2009 is the Kimber Model 8400 Police Tactical chambered in .300 Win. Mag. The rifle is designed with military and law enforcement in mind. The previous Kimber tactical rifles based on the 8400 action got good reviews and I expect this one will not be any [Read More…]

Kimber Model 8400 Caprivi

The, new for 2008, African hunting rifle from Kimber. Chambered in .375 H&H. Specs: Caliber: .375 H&H Mag. Approximate Weight: 8lbs. 10oz. Overall Length (inches): 44.5 Stock: Checkering: 24 lines-per-inch Ebony forend tip Cheekpiece Finish: Hand-rubbed oil [Read More…]

Kimber Tactical

This year Kimber is introducing a tactical series of rifles. These rifles will come in three models. Entering the tactical rifle market is no stretch for Kimber. Accuracy standards are already exceeded by lightweight hunting rifles, with durability proven in game fields [Read More…]

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