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Hot Gat or Fudd Crap Czechgun Gladiator 500 HD D1 Muzzeloading Derringers (1)

Black Powder .45 ACP

Cemetery recently experimented with blackpowder .45 ACP loads. Recently did a Wild Bunch match where I used black powder 45acp loads, which isn’t a new concept, seems darksiders have been doing this for years. But was more curious to see what it felt like, and how the [Read More…]

Black Powder AR-15

CMMG have announced an .50 Black Powder AR-15 Upper! To fire, the powder charge and bullet are loaded via a ramrod. Using a standard magazine with a single shot follower, an unloaded 5.56 case is loaded into the mag, inserted in magazine well and loaded just like a [Read More…]

SILENCER SATURDAY #203: Is All Subsonic 300 Blackout Created Equal? Hornady Black HD SBR 75GR InterLock, note Protective plastic sheath Federal Ammunition announces the Black Cloud TSS 20 gauge. Introducing Blackwater Contractor Grade 124 grain 9mm Western Powders Gunpowder