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Running Up Range With PCC

One aspect of USPSA stages may involve a shooter to move up range. With all shooting games there is a strict 180 degree rule. For those not familiar with the 180 degree rule, the muzzle of your gun must not pass 180 degrees from the shooting bay. This is to prevent any [Read More…]

Midwest Industries Glock Pistol Caliber Carbine Block 3 Cash In that Sound with the new HUXWRX CA$H 9K 9mm Suppressor TFB Weekly Web Deals 25: Aftermarket AR-15 Triggers New SI Pistol Grip and Flared Magwell for CZ Scorpion EVO TFB Labor Day Deals: Celebrating the American Gun-Toting Worker TFB Weekly Web Deals 25: Aftermarket AR-15 Triggers

TFB Weekly Web Deals 22: Perfect Pairs (Guns That Use The Same Magazine)

Welcome to TFB Weekly Web Deals 22! The concept of the “perfect pair” isn’t anything new but it’s still one that optimizes efficiency in terms of compatible magazines. Magazines, although considered by many to be expendable or consumable firearms [Read More…]

POTD Smith & Wesson Model 350 Revolver (1) Foxtrot Mike Introduces the FM15 12.5 Pistol or SBR Upper Receiver New Russian Civilian AKs TG2S, TR9S, Saiga-PPK20, Saiga-AKSU (1)