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Ruger 9mm PCC

The new Ruger 9mm PCC has generated a great deal of interest. People have been asking for a gun like this for years and Ruger listened. It is packed with features requested by shooters. A very special thanks to BROWNELL’S – check out their new Retro line here: [Read More…]

[SHOT 2018] Primary Weapon Systems New M Line and PCC

Primary Weapon Systems (PWS) is known for making a long stroke piston AR rifles. What sets them apart from other AR manufacturers is their ability to run internals modeled after the AK platform; while still maintaining the ergonomics and last round bolt hold open [Read More…]

Yankee Hill Machine YHM Resonator CMMG GUARD

Running Up Range With PCC

One aspect of USPSA stages may involve a shooter to move up range. With all shooting games there is a strict 180 degree rule. For those not familiar with the 180 degree rule, the muzzle of your gun must not pass 180 degrees from the shooting bay. This is to prevent any [Read More…]

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