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5 Rare and Unusual Guns Seen in September 2020 Rock Island Premier Firearms Auction Catalog

Welcome back to another installment of our series of articles dedicated to the most obscure and rare firearms consigned to major American auction houses. Every time an online catalog of a premier gun auction is published, we thoroughly browse it to find and tell you [Read More…]

tokarev First Firearm: Military Surplus

Top 5 Overly Complicated Guns

Some guns are famed for their elegant simplicity, but some are notorious for their complexity. In this video, we take a look at five firearms that are overly complicated for one reason or another, with some shooting footage in the mix. Thanks to our sponsors Ventura Munitions and Grizzly Targets. [Read More…]

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M95 Straight Pull Run and Gun

The Mannlicher M1895 “M95” straight-pull rifles were the backbone of the Austro-Hungarian military during World War I, and served through WWII in a limited capacity. These unique rifles fire 8x56r ammunition and are fed by 5 round Mannlicher en-bloc clips. So how will it fare on the run [Read More…]