POTD: The Colt Canada C20

Eric B
by Eric B

Welcome to another Photo Of The Day! Today we take a look at the fantastic Colt Canada C20 in both its suppressed and unsuppressed form. If the optic interests you, please check our recent TFB Review: Schmidt & Bender 3-20×50 PM II Ultra Short Riflescope, which uses the C20's special color as well.

Colt Canada’s C20, 7.62 NATO, Semi-Automatic Sniper Weapon was developed to support the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) requirement for an Intermediate Sniper Weapon.

In third party tests, the weapon provided better precision and reliability than other products available on the market and is now in the process of being adopted into the CAF small arms fleet. The C20 has been tested and proven to all relevant NATO D14 standards for safety, functionality in extreme conditions, and endurance, having fired 8,000 rounds with no stoppages. In terms of precision, the C20 achieved an average of .66 MOA over 144 five round groups, collected throughout endurance testing. All groups were shot first round cold with suppressor, using 175gr Federal Gold Medal Match ammunition.

Some of the features of the Colt Canada C20:

  • Non-Chromed-Lined Barrel
  • Other barrel lengths and calibres can be developed as required
  • MRR-L Integrated Upper Receiver
  • 44 or 48 Slot Continuous MIL-STD-1913 Top Rail
  • 0 MOA or 20 MOA Integral Incline
  • M-Lok slots in the 3, 6 and 9 O’Clock Positions
  • Geissele SSA Dual-Stage Trigger
  • LMT .308 DMR Adjustable Buttstock

Do you have any other DMR rifles on your wish list, apart from the C20?

Source: Images & words - https://www.coltcanada.com/c20/

Eric B
Eric B

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