POTD: Swedish Home Guard Demonstrates Automatkarbin 24 (Sako)

Eric B
by Eric B

Photo Of The Day is the best online place to view the coolest images of firearms and soldiers. With the recent development in terms of national security in Sweden, and around Europe, one of the Generals said that Sweden and the Swedish Armed Forces must have a "forward-leaning mandate of violence". I think the image above portrays that pretty well, with the new and upcoming Automatkarbin 24, made by Sako in Finland.

The markings on the Automatkarbin 24 clearly say Sako Ltd Finland, with the Swedish Three Crowns. The sight is from Aimpoint, Made in Sweden.

Below: One of the Polish visitors got to try the new Ak24.

Photo: Johanna Granander/The Swedish Armed Forces

Here's the machine-translated caption from Hemvärnets Stridsskola (HvSS):

HvSS continues its cooperation with the Polish Territorial Defense Forces Training Center (TDFTC). Last autumn HvSS staff visited TDFTC and last week a Polish delegation was received at the association.
The purpose of the visit was to give TDFTC a picture of how HvSS trains in and uses sensors, drones (UAVs) and various weapon systems in combat technology. The visitors would also gain insight into how, with relatively simple means, facilities can be built to practice combat in buildings.
— In a relatively short time, Poland has built up its territorial defense in a very well-thought-out and effective way. Today, they have abilities that complement our knowledge, which makes this international exchange very beneficial for both parties, says Colonel Johan Brovertz, head of HvSS.
The Polish visit also coincided with a visit by Deputy Chief of the Home Guard Brigadier General Mattis Ardin and a delegation from the Hungarian Territorial Defense. All guests took part in demonstrations carried out by the HvSS development unit on a number of sensors, UAVs and weapon systems.
— Going forward, we will continue our cooperation with our Polish allies. We see that we have common interests in, among other things, sensors and UAVs, where it is time to deepen the collaboration in order to be able to learn common lessons, says Lieutenant Colonel Magnus Sjölund, who is head of the HvSS development unit.

Source: Hemvärnets Stridsskola. Photo: Johanna Granander/The Swedish Armed Forces

Eric B
Eric B

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  • KSKLR KSKLR on Jul 09, 2024

    “Forward thinking mandate of violence “ is probably the best way a military can describe itself.

    Having been a Sakophile (new word, your welcome) my whole life, I would love to get ahold of one of those rifles.

  • FactChecker90803 FactChecker90803 on Jul 10, 2024

    Noon, Noooo! Not another AR Variant/Derivative!!!