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3-D Printed 22LR Revolver

The 3-D printing future for firearms is becoming brighter at an exponential rate. What started just a few years ago with the Liberator from Defense Distributed has morphed into is own collective community, building on collective knowledge and constantly sharing and [Read More…]

3D Printing an AR Lower Video

We’ve posted a lot about 3D printing here on TFB since it started to make waves in the news. From 3D printed AR lowers and bullpup prototypes to metal 1911s, but how does all this newfangled 3D printing actually work? Youtuber Barnacules Nerdgasm goes into detail [Read More…]

WarFairy’s 3D Printable AR-15 Bullpup

3D printing has been growing in popularity recently with 3D printed firearms and accessories making headlines over the past year or two. Well here’s an awesome new design that’s been released recently by WarFairy over on Reddit. Dubbed the Hanuman AR-15 [Read More…]

3D Printer AR Rifle Fail

The Defense Distributed project tested a AR-15 lower they printed with a upper receiver chambered for 5.7x28mm FN. The 5.7mm cartridge generates a lot less recoil than a full power 5.56mm / .223 round. Surprisingly the buffer tube threading held up, but the off axis [Read More…]

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