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TFB Christmas 2020: Wrapped Weapons - Can YOU Guess What Santa Brought? Hot Gat or Fudd Crap The Rimfire Report: Belt-Fed On a Budget in 22LR? True Velocity 6.8

Exclusive Interview with US Army Next Generation Squad Weapon Program Leaders

It has been 11 months since the US Army awarded three OTA contracts as part of its Next Generation Squad Weapon program. Despite the uncertainty around the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic, the program remains on track and set to begin its next major phase. TFB had the [Read More…]

[SHOT 2020] Yankee Hill Machine Co – Resonator K, Nitro N20, R9 Suppressors

At SHOT 2020 today Yankee Hill Machine Co showed off three new suppressors that we at TFB have been excited about ever since their announcement. Yankee Hill Machine Co – Resonator K, Nitro N20, R9 Suppressors Resonator K Suppressor The Resonator K has been a [Read More…]

What Would You Buy If You Had An Hour To Spend 1 Million Dollars On Guns and Gear?

Occasionally I’ll sit down in a restaurant with family or good buddies and strike up gun related conversations. A few years ago my dad jokingly said he would love to give me a million dollars to buy whatever gun parts I wanted, but the catch would be I only had an [Read More…]

The Rimfire Report: How Long Will Your .22LR Suppressor Last Firing 223/5.56?

Suppressors are great tools. Were it not for their status as an NFA item I reckon they’d be a far more common sight. Because of their status as NFA items, suppressors have attained a somewhat enigmatic reputation both inside and outside the firearms world. This [Read More…]

MARS Cobalt NGSW-R (2) 240 servicing at Anniston Army's sniper competition NGSW program