New Practice Ammo From Federal For 30 Super Carry

Zac K
by Zac K

Say you want a handgun cartridge that hits hard and carries small. You might end up buying a pistol chambered in 30 Super Carry and then you might be looking for practice ammunition. Federal says it’s got what you want, with a new loading in its Champion Training series.

Federal Ammunition @ TFB:

The new 30 Super Carry practice load in the Champion Training series comes with a 90-grain FMJ bullet, ripping along at 1300 fps. They’re currently available through select dealers, and Federal’s website also has a purchasing option.

Chris Laack, Federal’s Handgun Ammunition Product Manager, says the new lighter-weight, 90-grain load provides low felt recoil for longer, more comfortable training sessions when compared to common 100-grain loads.

“Our American Eagle 30 Super Carry 100-grain training load is already a light recoiling, easy-to-shoot load, even though it’s matched to our Personal Defense HST 100-grain load to deliver the same feel and point of impact,” Laack says. “However, this new lighter-weight Champion Training 30 Super Carry 90-grain load feels even easier, softer, less recoiling, and more fun to shoot.”

If you aren’t familiar with 30 Super Carry, it’s a new pistol cartridge that Federal introduced in 2022, intended to offer hitting power similar to a 9x19mm round but in a smaller overall size. This lets shooters carry more rounds in a pistol of the same size. Federal says the 30 Super Carry round is more powerful than a .380 Auto round and that “with it, shooters can hold 12-13 rounds in a magazine similar to the size of a 10-round 9mm Luger.”

The MSRP for a 50-round box of the new Champion Training rounds is $31.99. See more details at

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  • Brett Baker Brett Baker on Jul 10, 2024

    I really need to get one of the Hi-Point carbines in this.

  • Vhyrus Vhyrus on Jul 10, 2024

    I feel like 30sc missed its mark. Instead of making 9mm sized guns with increased capacity they need to make 32 or 380 sized guns with 9mm stopping power.

    • Big A Big A 7 days ago

      The Shield is pretty small, and it could be a little smaller in 30sc. You just can get around having more energy without a heavier slide. Somebody will make a 14oz-ish 30sc at some point, though.