Magpul Industries Corporation was started in 1999 when Founder Richard Fitzpatrick saw a problem first hand and came up with a product to solve it.  Magazines are tough to remove from mag pouches. How about a tab to aid in pulling them out, hence Magpul. They have continued to evolve in this fashion ever since, applying their knowledge of polymers and leveraging real-world experience to create solution-oriented products and some stuff that is just plain cool.

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    Within the firearms industry, Magpul is ubiquitous.  Even firearms that do not use a single part manufactured by Magpul may still bear a mark of their innovation in the form of M-LOK. In the past 20 years, Magpul has released hundreds of different products and have established themselves as a top-shelf company offering products at a good value.  They have continued to innovate and develop products they themselves want to use.

    It all started with a simple piece of polymer.

    Featured Products:

    It all started with a simple tab or puller placed on the end of the magazine.

    Original Magpul: When installed on the base of a 5.56×45 rifle magazine, the original Magpul provides improved speed and controllability during high stress, tactical magazine changes. Durable synthetic rubber loop with a recessed rough gripping surface. Quick and easy installation and removal. Patented design based upon the tried and true para-cord loops and duct tape tabs currently in use with special warfare units worldwide.  NSN: MAG001-BLK BLACK MODIFICATION KIT, GUN, WEAPON

    Original Magpul

    Ar-15 furniture:  3 years after its inception Magpul began production of buttstocks for the AR-15 in the form of the M93 which was sold to the Marine Corp.  They have been producing parts for the AR-15 ever since.

    UBR stock

    MOE furniture

    PRS Gen3 stock



    P-Mags: As magazines are the week link of many firearm systems it is no surprise Magpul would want to leverage there engineering ability and knowledge of polymers to produce a more reliable product.  Thus the P-Mag (polymer magazine) was born.

    AR-15 P-MAG


    Glock P-MAG

    AICS Pattern P-MAG


    700 Pro Chassis:  In recent years precision rifle has been a growing segment of the firearms industry.   With input from staff of their training division, Magpul Core, Magpul set out to design a chassis suited for precision rifle competition and field use.  The result was a very robust chassis that was ambidextrous, side folding (over the bolt knob) and very user configurable.

    Inletted for the Remington 700 and 700 footprint rifles


    Suppressor Cover: Not content to simply replicate what was already on the market, when Magpul designed a suppressor cover they looked at problems first then engineered solutions.  A suppressor cover performs 2 main functions. One, it keeps objects from touching the hot suppressor. Two, it helps to mitigate the mirage the suppressor generates when looking through an optic.   The major problem with other covers is they trap the heat inside the cover, which causes it to build up and can eventually damage the suppressor. Magpul avoids this problem by utilizing 2 stainless steel clamps to attach to the suppressor then leaving an air gap before attaching the outer shield.  This allows for air movement and the device to stay cooler.

    Suppressor cover for 5″ can.


    Masada: The Masada, which would later become the Bushmaster ACR, was designed as an alternative to the M4.   It had a short-stroke gas piston system, fully ambidextrous controls, a folding stock, and quick change barrels.  Although it was an innovative feature rich design due to some early production issues as well as limited factory support for the commercial version, the ACR, was never very popular.

    Massada Features


    Massoud: The Massoud is essentially a reworked large frame (.308 win) version of the Masada rifle.  Although the Massoud was never picked up commercially, like the Masada/ACR, one of its designers Justin J. is now a key player at Kinetic Research Group (a rifle chassis manufacturer) and has reinvigorated the design under the name FOX 42 rifle.

    Early Prototype of the Massoud

    FMG-9: While ARES inc, founded by Eugene Stoner may have pioneered the folding machinegun concept Magpul certainly refined it.  The FMG-9 use the Glock 18 as a platform for a nondescript machinegun that can be deployed in about 1 second.

    FMG-9 in concealed and deployed positions.


    PDR: First shown in 2006 the PDR design was intended for those individuals who would normally carry a sub-machinegun.  It would allow them to use standard AR-15 magazines and ammunition. The PDR was never produced.

    Airsoft version of the PDR

    Other Stuff:

    Ronin: The Ronin motorcycle project started in 2009 as Harley Davidson announced they would cut Buell for their lineup.  Magpul Motorworks purchased 47 1125cc motorcycles from Buell and modified them into the machine pictured below. Not only does it look like something Batman would ride, but it performs.  It took 2nd in the Pikes Peak race in 2015.

    Original teaser photo of the Ronin series of bikes.


    Clothing: Although short-lived, Magpul designed and sold a line of technical and lifestyle clothing.  The clothing was manufactured in Vietnam but was of good quality, well thought out, and comfortable.

    Clothing made for the outdoors.

    AR armorers tools:  Another example of the designers at Magpul creating something they themselves would want to use.  The Armorer’s wrench is the most robust mass produced AR tool on the market and the barrel block offers a versatile way to work on the barrel and upper receiver of an AR-15

    AR-15 wrench

    AR-15 BEV block


    Knife: The Rigger is a limited edition knife produced by Magpul. The modified Wharncliffe blade is forged from Crucible Particle Metallurgy (CPM) S35VN stainless steel, considered to be one of the finest blade steels in the world, and one of the first designed specifically for knife blades. This CPM stainless steel construction provides improved strength and wear resistance which means the blade holds its edge longer than lesser steels, reducing the need for frequent sharpening.

    Limited Edition Riggers Knife


    Key Points in Magpul History

    1999: Richard Fitzpatrick develops the original Magpul 5.56.

    2001: First Magpul patent, U.S. Patent 6,212,815, is awarded.

    2002: First official military order (100 M93 stocks for the USMC.)

    2003: Magpul moves out of Fitzpatrick’s home to official offices. First employee, (now Chief operating officer) Doug Smith, is hired.

    2006: Magpul receives its first official NATO Stock Number.

    2007: The PMAG 30, UBR stock, and Masada Adaptive Combat Rifle are introduced at SHOT Show.

    2007: Magpul Dynamics, Magpuls training division, is formed.

    2008: Magpul releases Training DVDs.

    2010: Magpul wins a bid with the UK Ministry of Defence for 1,000,000 PMAGs to be delivered over a four-year period.

    2013: After Colorado passes HB 1224 (Banning magazines over 15 rounds) Magpul sponsors Farwell to Arms Freedom festival and donates 20,000 30 round p-mag to CO residents.  Magpul also begins efforts to leave Colorado in favor of Texas and Wyoming. This move would eventually cost the state of Colorado an estimated $85 million dollars in lost annual revenue.  

    2014: Magpul officially announces its departure from Colorado.

    2015: Magpul’s first offering for the bolt action market, the Hunter 700 (“Adjustable rifle stock”), designed to fit the Remington 700 short action, is introduced at SHOT Show in January 2015.

    2015: Magpul Dynamics becomes Magpul Core.

    2016: Magpul is awarded an exclusive contract to manufacture magazines for the U.S. Marine Corps.

    2017: Naval Surface Warfare Center Crane division publishes a white paper with the results of testing M-lok against Keymod for an accessory mounting solution.  M-lok is shown to be superior.

    2018: Magpul releases Pro 700 chassis and a bipod of their own design.   




    Magpul Corporate Headquarters 

    8226 Bee Caves Road, Austin, TX 78746

    Distribution Center

    7201 Commerce Circle, Cheyenne, WY 82007


    The authors’ personal collection.


    Magpul started offering training in 2007 under the name Magpul Dynamics.  During this time they offered in-person courses as well as video training content in the form of 5 different DVD sets.  Magpul Dynamics would later become Magpul Core. Magpul Core continues to offer classes in the areas of Handgun, Carbine, Precision Rifle, and Survival.  Both Magpul Dynamics and later Core were focused on providing quality training based on a systematic approach emphasizing the fundamentals of marksmanship.  These training courses also offered a valuable proving ground for the testing and evaluation of new product ideas.


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