Keep Your Match On Track With The MDT Crush It Stage Timer

Daniel Y
by Daniel Y

MDT has a new, innovative product to help track time during shooting competitions. The Crush It stage timer is customizable and mounts to standard rails. Let’s take a look at all of its features.

Competition @ TFB:

Time is a critical component in many shooting competitions. Running out of time can cost a stage or even an entire match. MDT’s solution to this problem adds a small timer unit onto the rifle itself. The display and sounds are fully customizable and can be mounted either horizontally or vertically depending on user preference.

When the stage starts the shooter presses the button to start the timer. Remote start buttons are also compatible. The timer can make sounds or be silent, and it can also beep to alert the shooting when varying amounts of time are left. While most users will use the timer to count down, it can also count up as a stopwatch for training purposes.

The ‘Crush It’ timer costs $249.95, and it is in stock now on the MDT website.

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From the manufacturer:

“Set your Crush It to match the stage time, and when the RO starts his timer, start yours simultaneously. Visually (and audibly) monitor the remaining time in your run, allowing you to gauge when to speed up or slow down. Remove the unknown with the MDT Crush It - Stage Timer.
Ready to use out-of-the-box for a preset 2-minute stage, or use Custom Mode to fully customize every aspect of your timer; time, various alert points throughout, tone type, volume, starting tones, and ending tones. Also choose between graphics mode, or digits mode to change how your time is displayed.”
Daniel Y
Daniel Y

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