High-Tech Heavy Hitter: New G9 Defense .308 Win 145gr Barrier Blind SC

Luke C.
by Luke C.

G9 Defense is pleased to announce the .308 Win 145gr Barrier Blind Solid Copper Hollow Point ammunition. G9 Defense is entirely focused on producing top-quality ammunition with unrivaled projectile performance for both pistols and rifles for defense and hunting. G9 Defense typically takes the approach of having lighter projectiles with higher muzzle velocities which tends to increase terminal performance, even through barriers and bone.

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High-Tech Heavy Hitter: New G9 Defense .308 Win 145gr Barrier Blind SCHP

“The Barrier Blind Solid Copper Hollow Point from G9 provides exceptional barrier penetration, great expansion and 18″ of penetration with nearly 100% of weight retention. Compared to other offerings on the market, the G9 Barrier Blind Hollow Points stand out in common barrier penetration and demonstrates zero to minimal deflection through windshields, car doors and big game animals’ bones.
The .308 145gr Barrier Blind Hollow Point is a non-lead alternative that performs better than traditional lead-based projectiles. By design, any traditional hunting bullet is going to result in exposing game meat to lead, and lead fragmentation appears in nearly every game carcass where the projectile expanded. The BBHP is compliant with CA law and can be used anywhere that hunting with lead is prohibited.
Thanks to state-of-the-art CNC manufacturing, the reliability of the G9 .308 145gr is exceptional.
Upon contact with intended target the BBHP opens to 2x to 2.5x the size of the bullet, producing a consistent 18” wound track every time. Nearly 100% weight retention and predictable penetration make this round ideally suited for hunting or defense. Due to the nature of CNC manufacturing, reliability far exceeds traditional jacketed hollow points. In conventional ammunition, the jacket often separates from the core spoiling any chance of uniform terminal performance. This is not the case with G9's machined solid copper projectiles. The three petals open and do not fold over beyond maximum expansions during terminal impacts. The machined solid copper hollow point with cut fracture points represents the current pinnacle in hollow point technology.”

The G9 Defense 145gr .308 Win is also available with Alpha Brass. Alpha Brass features G9's Optimized Case Head Design (OCD) and far exceeds performance standards typically associated with cases. Their innovative technology is combined with industry-leading manufacturing standards and the result is second to none. G9 Defense says you should expect single-digit standard deviations, next-level accuracy, and a price per round of about $3 per round ($58.99 per box of 20). For a complete list of specifications and more information on the new cartridge, you can visit http://g9defense.com/ to learn more.

Luke C.
Luke C.

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  • Vhyrus Vhyrus on Jun 17, 2024

    This implies there are 308 rounds that are affected by barriers.

  • Beju Beju on Jun 17, 2024

    Ideal for shooting hostage takers through computer monitors.