[GunCon 2024] VKTR Industries DI Bolt Carrier Group With Precision Cam

Doug E
by Doug E

Last year at TriggerCon, VKTR Industries introduced their new piston-driven VK1 AR-15 in rifle and pistol configurations. At this year’s GunCon 2024 at Brownells, they introduced their brand new VKTR Industries DI Bolt Carrier Group for Direct-Impingement AR-15 rifles and pistols. This new DI BCG features the same precision cam geometry as the VK-1 piston rifle’s BCG, the goal of which is to have a smoother operation and less contact inside the receiver during lockup and unlock of the bolt.


VKTR’s new DI BCG will be available as a complete, drop-in component for standard direct-impingement AR-15 pattern rifles and pistols. VKTR Industries describes their precision cam as having been designed to eliminate contact between the cam pin and the inside of the upper receiver by using a long-advance cam path. VKTR Industries’ explanation and features can be seen below.

Image credit: VKTR Industries
Precision-machined, complete direct-impingement Bolt Carrier Group with a patented long-advance cam path that correctly times the rifle, finished in thin dense chrome. The patented enhanced cam pin provides consistent lock up reducing headspace variations. Match grade performance right out of the box, and a true drop-in component that will work with any barrel and gas system length.
A Precision Cam pin with tighter tolerances compared with the standard milspec component, providing improved shot to shot consistency in AR platform weapons. The cam pin head features a directional arrow for uniform lapping, and is designed to minimize upper receiver contact when not used in conjunction with the Long Advance Bolt Carrier, while providing full bolt stability and control.
By correcting the legacy cam path, the bolt unlocks at 22.5 degrees rather than 20.7 degrees ensuring the cam pin is at top-dead-center where it should be, thus avoiding interference with the receiver wall aft of the the cam pin recess. By delaying unlocking by almost 2 degrees, residual chamber pressure is reduced allowing the cartridge to fully release from the chamber wall easing extraction. The long advance cam path results in a flatter shooting platform with less recoil, even in over-gassed weapons, and smoother locking and unlocking all reducing muzzle rise.

  • CNC Precision Machined
  • Heat Treated 8620 Alloy Steel
  • Patented Long Advance Cam Path
  • Faceted Carrier Design
  • Full-Auto Rated
  • Grade 8 Gas Key Screws
  • Thin Dense Chrome Plated
  • Lifetime Warranty

VKTR Industries’ VK-1 piston rifle that works within the standard AR-15 upper profile.

The new VKTR Industries DI Bolt Carrier Group is currently available and has a listed price of $274.99. You can click HERE to view the dedicated webpage and order or visit VKTRInd.com to view all of their products, including the piston-driven VK1 rifles and pistols.

What do you think about the VKTR Industries DI Bolt Carrier Group with enhanced camming?

Doug E
Doug E

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  • Wolfgar Wolfgar 6 days ago

    It isn’t the angle of the cam path, it’s the straight section. If you make the straight section longer, the bolt carrier has to move further before it begins to rotate the bolt, and the overall total length when it’s all done and starts yanking on the cartridge is determined by the overall length of the cam. The longer that is, the more the gun likes it, and that’s true of any auto loading gun...This is not my opinion but Jim Sullivan, the designer of the AR15/M16..

    • Jo85087618 Jo85087618 6 days ago

      In one sentence : more dwell time, and dwell time is good as per St. Sullivan.

  • Strain Rate Strain Rate 6 days ago

    Correcting the legacy cam path? Not this nonsense again. How is the legacy cam path wrong?

    • See 1 previous
    • Jo85087618 Jo85087618 5 days ago

      It's designed for a 20" barrel, which means it might be inadequate for today's 11 - 14.5" barrels. How true that is I don't know.