[GunCon 2024] Stuff & Things’ NEW STizon Kit For 9mm AKs

Doug E
by Doug E

At this year’s GunCon 2024 event at Brownell’s, Stuff & Things Inc. (also affectionately referred to as STInc USA) showed off their brand new STizon Kit, which is their take on the Russian PP-19 Bizon AK variant. The Russian Bizon was originally chambered for the 9x18mm Makarov cartridge and features a helical magazine that runs horizontally under the barrel assembly, allowing for more capacity and a shorter vertical profile. Stuff and Things have already had their pre-order option available, but their new STizon Kit will be shipping soon. Let’s see how the design has progressed.

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Stuff & Things STizon Kit for 9mm AKs

For those that may recall, STInc. USA made a big splash with their AK Bullpup Kit, however, this year, they’re going for another extremely unique product based on the rare PP-19 Bizon. The STizon is a three-part kit that lets customers change their existing 9x19mm AK feeding from a 30-round box magazine to a 58 or 69-round (base model dependent) helical magazine that very closely resonates with the vintage Bizon aesthetics. For those who pre-order, they’ll also receive an enlarged magazine catch.

STizon’s fully loaded magazine. Image credit: STIncUSA.com

Currently, the STizon is being developed to be compatible and reliable with the PSA AK-V, KUSA KP-9, and the Century Arms 9S and KAK9 models. Stuff and Things stated that the existing magazine wells on the aforementioned models will need to be removed, which is reported to be quite easy for the PSA and Century models. The only caveat mentioned was for the Kalashnikov KP-9, of which one rivet will need to be drilled out to make the STizon fit. However, Stuff and Things will be providing spare rivets in case the user wishes to revert the gun back to the factory condition.

The magazines as shown were 3D printed for R&D but their injection moldings are currently being made for the finalized glass-filled nylon magazines. The magazines will come as a solid tube, or with a clear window as shown on their flashy giveaway model that an attendee won at the GunCon 2024 event. The magazine ratchets from the front, while the aft latch releases the tension from the ratchet.

The kit will consist of the slab-sided, one-piece aluminum handguard, the flared muzzle device, and the magazine. The Stuff & Things STizon Kit has an MSRP of $299, and extra magazines will be listed for $159.99.

Stuff & Things’ STizon Gun Con ‘24 Give-Away model.

Make sure you visit STIncUSA.com to view their whole product line, or if you’d like to get in on pre-ordering the STizon Kit, click HERE. What do you think about the new Stuff and Things STizon Kit? Has this just been added to your shortlist, or have you already pre-ordered one?

Doug E
Doug E

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  • Anomanom Anomanom on Jul 02, 2024

    Kinda dope, actually. How about some of those North Korean style Helical AK mags next?