[GunCon 2024] NEW Pistols From Walther - PDP PRO-E & PDP Steel Match

Doug E
by Doug E

Walther Arms has just launched a new line of their PDP pistol, the PDP Pro-E, in both full-size and compact versions. They also recently announced their new addition to the Match series, the Walther PDP Steel Match pistol with a steel frame. The Pro-E series is geared as a duty pistol, while the Steel Match is billed as being a blend of a duty pistol with a race gun. Let’s take a look.

Walther @ TFB:


The Walther PDP Pro-E pistols are feature-fit for the law enforcement clientele as well as the civilian market. The Pro-E Compact model has a 4-inch barrel and comes with 18 round magazines. Meanwhile, the full-size barrel length comes in at 4.5 inches and comes with 20 round magazines. Both models have what Walther calls the “Performance Duty Texture” for use in all weather conditions. Both the full-size and compact versions feature a flat-faced trigger with an integrated trigger shoe, flared magazine well, and factory cut for optics. The PDP Pro-E series will also come with three magazines. The PDP Pro-E series carries an MSRP of $779 and will begin shipping in mid-July of 2024.


During GunCon 2024, Walther also brought along their PDP Match series. The Match has already been available with a polymer frame ( see the review from TFB’s Eve F.), but they’ve recently launched the PDP Steel Match with a steel frame. Both the PDP Steel Match and the PDP Polymer Match feature a 5-inch barrel and have lightening cuts that line up with the PDP’s front “SuperTerrain” slide serrations. As you can see in the photos, the PDP Match series also comes with a factory optics cut, as well as the flared magazine well like the PDP Pro-E above.

In general, Walther’s Steel framed offerings differ from the polymer version in that they have a traditional style takedown lever and grip panels. One more difference between the steel and polymer frames is that the polymer versions state which frame size it is, whereas the steel frames are not marked as such at all. The PDP Steel Match pistol has an MSRP of $1899, while the PDP Polymer Match pistol has an MSRP of $1099. Make sure to visit WaltherArms.com to see their whole product lineup.

Walther PDP Steel Match (bottom) compared to the standard PDP Steel models

What do you think about either the PDP Pro-E or the Walther PDP Match series of pistols? If you’ve been considering picking up a PDP, do these models and features appeal to you?

Doug E
Doug E

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