[GunCon 2024] New Brownells Gunsmith Vise & Accessories

Doug E
by Doug E

While attending GunCon 2024 at Brownells’ facility, Brownells was displaying their brand new, purpose-built Gunsmith Vise and additional accessories to fit your bench and convenience. The new Brownells Gunsmith Vise is made by Heuer in Germany but designed with Brownells’ specifications. Staff said that they opted to have their Gunsmith Vise painted in Brownells Green to get back to their roots and stick with the brand color. He quickly pointed to the cans of Brownells Aluma-Hyde spray in case customers would like to change up the color of their new vise. Let’s take a closer look.

Brownells @ TFB:


The new Brownells Gunsmith Vise has a shrouded shaft to keep debris and shavings out of the vise’s action. Each piece is forged steel instead of being cast. The base model Gunsmith Vise comes as a direct bench mount and is listed for $399. However, if you prefer your vise to turn on the bench, there are two swivel base options; a direct mount swivel base for $129, or a bench clamp with swivel base for $199.

The vise comes with hardened jaws, but they are replaceable, and Brownells also sells different style jaws for an additional $59.99-69.99 per set depending on material face. The different jaw materials offered are polyurethane, aluminum, fiber, rubber, felt, and steel.

Brownells is also selling a 9-inch hydraulic lift with a 360-degree swivel top. One of the staff members at the booth stated that he had seen European gunsmithing students using hydraulic lifts to meet ease fatigue, which he had never seen being done here in the States. Brownells wanted to offer the hydraulic lift to their catalog as well. The lift is sold separately for $329.

If you’d like to see the SmithBusters Crew detailing the Brownells Gunsmith Vise and add-on accessories, you can watch their video below.

You can follow the links above to the Brownells Gunsmith Vise and its accessories, but feel free to check out Brownells.com for many more gunsmithing tools, gun accessories and gear. What do you think about the new Gunsmith Vise and accessories? Would this be handy for your own gunsmithing jobs?

Doug E
Doug E

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