[GunCon 2024] Caldwell’s Claymore Target Thrower

Doug E
by Doug E

During this year’s GunCon event, Caldwell Shooting Supplies brought out their three latest clay pigeon throwers for attendees to try out. TFB covered two of those throwers at SHOT Show 2024, but the new fully-semi-automatic Claymore Target Thrower was hard to miss. It has been out since last year, but we had yet to cover it at TFB. Caldwell’s booth consisted of a large netted bay and they were demonstrating their clay pigeon throwers by launching reusable plastic pigeons into the netting.

Caldwell Shooting Supplies @ TFB:


Caldwell designed their new Claymore Target Thrower to be easily packable and transportable and to be activated by human and spring power, rather than relying on batteries. Although I jokingly called the new clay thrower full-semi-auto in the opening paragraph, it’s actually more accurate to compare its action to a Double Action/Single Action pistol… with a gravity-fed magazine. The Claymore Target Thrower has two foot pedals; In “single action” mode, the larger center pedal acts as the cocking lever, while the smaller left pedal acts as the trigger. However, in “double action” mode, the center pedal performs both functions of cocking and releasing the mechanism with one downward press of the pedal. Caldwell differentiates the two modes as “standard” and “flurry.”

Switching from “Standard” to “Flurry” modes are done via a bright yellow lever on the Thrower. Image credit: Caldwell Shooting Supplies
The Claymore Thrower launches from the left side.

The Claymore Target Thrower weighs 35 pounds and folds up for storage or transport. The top loading magazine holds up to 50 clay targets, and the Claymore can launch clays up to 70 yards. You can view Caldwell’s promotional video below to see it in action. The second video is also from Caldwell and it goes through the steps on how to take it down for storage.

The Caldwell Claymore Target Thrower is listed for $329.99, you can find the Thrower’s dedicated page HERE for more information on it, or visit CaldwellShooting.com to see their whole lineup of products. What do you think about the Caldwell Claymore Target Thrower? If you’ve already picked one up, let us know how your experience has been in the comment section below.

Caldwell Claymore Target Thrower

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Doug E
Doug E

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