[GunCon 2024] Align Tactical Thumb Rests for Pistols

Doug E
by Doug E

During the GunCon 2024 event at Brownells in Iowa, I stopped by the Align Tactical booth. They’ve been on a quest to provide pistol thumb rests across a varied selection of self-defense and competition models. Align Tactical’s newest addition is the Smith & Wesson M&P 2.0 Thumb Rest, however, they had already released thumb rests for Glock Gen 3, 4 and 5, SIG P320, Heckler & Koch VP9, and Canik Rival and Mete series pistols.


We’ve previously covered Align Tactical’s Offset Extended Magazine Release for SIG P320 pistols here on TFB, but their thumb rests somehow slipped by us… until now! For new pistoleros, you may be asking what is a pistol thumb rest, and if it is necessary. Pistol thumb rests have been popular on race guns for some time, however, they’ve recently gained traction in the self-defense pistol market as add-on accessories. The goal is to give your left thumb a consistent placement for presentation, and for that same thumb to help mitigate recoil against the rest as the muzzle rises.

Image credit: Align Tactical

Due to the different layouts and takedown designs of various pistols, Align Tactical has to engineer its Thumb Rests to match the geometry of each pistol model they produce a thumb rest for. Align Tactical has installation videos for most of the Pistol Thumb Rests they sell and you can view the Smith & Wesson M&P 2.0 video below.

The following links will lead you to each of the different Align Tactical Thumb Rests they currently produce, along with their pricing. Due to the new protrusion on the frames, Align Tactical did some extra homework for their customers to find different holsters that are compatible with their Pistol Thumb Rests, which you will find by following each link. Make sure you check Align Tactical’s compatibility list just to verify your model is covered.

You can visit AlignTactical.com to view their whole product line or follow the links above for the respective Pistol Thumb Rests. What do you think about Align Tactical’s Thumb Rests? If you’ve already been using one, let us know how your experience has been. Which pistol would you like to see them tackle next?

Doug E
Doug E

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