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The New Grizzly Double Vital Steel Hunting Target Colorful New Non-Explosive Reactive Targets from Spüt Targets The USMC expects fewer Marines to qualify at the Expert level under their new, more difficult marksmanship program. Assassin's Way - The 23 Day Ultimate Firearms Competition SIG Sauer has released a six-part video series called "Empower the People". Firearms school KR Training and preparedness author Paul T. Martin have teamed up for a virtual preparedness conference. USCCA introduces a new emergency preparedness training program. Waiouru Military Training Magnus Special Training Center GUNSMARTS Campaign by Smith & Wesson Targets New Gun Owners

Hop’s Top 3 Tips for Training on a Budget

In this episode of TFBTV, Hop shares some tips for training on a budget and getting the most bang for your buck at the range. First, we go over some ways to make your rounds count when you have limited ammo. Then we cover some accessible, low round count pistol drills you can do with […] [Read More…]