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New Russian Civilian AKs TG2S, TR9S, Saiga-PPK20, Saiga-AKSU (1) apc9 scorpion mag Kalashnikov USA and Outlaw Ordnance Limited Edition AKs - KR-9S Patriot (111)

Three Limited Edition AKs by Kalashnikov USA and Outlaw Ordnance

Kalashnikov USA teamed up with Outlaw Ordnance to create a trio of limited edition AKs – the KR-9S Patriot pistol caliber carbine, the KS-12T Valhalla shotgun and the KR-103 Tanker Green rifle. The Outlaw Ordnance did the custom engravings and Cerakote job on [Read More…]

Heckler & Koch SP5K TFB REVIEW: The POF SMG MP5 - MP5 Performance Without the Price?

TFB Review: The POF SMG MP5 – MP5 Performance Without the Price?

The venerated MP5 design is one that has lasted well beyond its practical use and into the modern age. The MP5 has made itself a comfy home in the minds of American gun owners due to a combination of real-world and fictional portrayals in the hands of operators and [Read More…]

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