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Nemo Pratka .300 Win Mag
FN's FN15 Carbine and Rifle

FN Decides to build ARs

Who would have ever guessed that FN would make the leap to manufacturing AR-15 based carbines and rifles? Seems like everybody is jumping on that bandwagon these days. Though they’ve produced the guns for quite a while, they’ve only had a few regular [Read More…]

BROWE Sport Optic

Yesterday I noted the Browe Combat Optic, a titanium-housed optic that automatically sets reticle brightness based on lighting at the target. But not every shooter needs (or can afford) that kind of performance. As an alternative, Browe offers the Browe Sport Optic [Read More…]

Wilcox Raptar Laser Rangefinder Bushmaster ACR Designated Marksman Rifle

OMC Ultimag

For many months now we’ve all had some pretty intense discussions about laws limiting magazine capacity. I had an appointment today with the folks at Mako(Fab Defense). They had some great new products but this is the one I felt the readers would be most [Read More…]

FAB Defense GL-MAG with 10-round mag

FAB Defense GL-MAG Stock

The GL-MAG buttstock by FAB Defense incorporates an underside magazine carrier well that accepts standard AR mags. The magazine is centered in the stock and doesn’t interfere with positioning the gun on the shoulder. An ambidextrous quick-release button releases [Read More…]

Kel Tec RDB Bullpup Rifle FLIR Thermosight RS Infrared Rifle Scope