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Top Shots- and their Guns

History Channel’s Top Shot marksmanship competition has now gone through four seasons, with an upcoming Season 5: All-Stars airing some time in 2013, according to Top Shot host @Colby_Donaldson on Twitter. If you’re curious what these Top Shots have been up [Read More…]

Sphinx SDP Series 9mm Pistols

I happened to pass the Sphinx booth at SHOT.  I may not have even stopped, but apparently Sphinx is owned by the same company that owns KRISS, and who doesn’t love a KRISS, right?!  So as I’m walking through I realized that there are several really good looking [Read More…]

S&W Joins .308 AR Market

One of the new rifles unveiled this week was the Smith & Wesson M&P-10. Their website currently only lists a camouflage version with a Magpul stock and five round magazine for an MSRP $1,729.00. My guess is the rifle shown here is going to be a bit less. Note [Read More…]