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Tapco 1911 Grips

The latest member of the Freedom Group announced a new series of 1911 grips at the recent SHOT Show in Las Vegas.  Tapco is releasing several new grips for the venerable old pistol in their TimberSmith line. The grips are made of an engineered wooden laminate, and will [Read More…]

MARS Magazine Release Lever For AK

FOG HORN blogs about the Parabellum Armament Company’s upcoming MARS Magazine Release Lever For AK. It allows right-handed users to actuate the magazine release on AK-style rifles with their right hand (pistol grip) thumb. It’s a clever idea.

Top Shots- and their Guns

History Channel’s Top Shot marksmanship competition has now gone through four seasons, with an upcoming Season 5: All-Stars airing some time in 2013, according to Top Shot host @Colby_Donaldson on Twitter. If you’re curious what these Top Shots have been up [Read More…]