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Glock 46 NGSW program

[SHOT 2019] Barrett’s Entry into the 7.62 Field: The REC-10

Barrett has taken the 5.56x45mm REC7 rifle and upgraded it to a 7.62x51mm package which is now the REC10. The REC10 was a product development of a foreign military solicitation program in which Barrett was successful in acquiring and winning. We don’t know what exact country this was, but we [Read More…]

Autonomous robotic SIG SL MAG Tac-13 le blue

Heckler & Koch supplies more HK416 Assault Rifles to the Norwegian Armed Forces

Did you know that the The Norwegian Armed Forces were the first customer to adopt the HK416 in the year of 2007? Norway now has an added appetite for firearms from Heckler & Koch, a hunger they share with many other European countries. The Norwegian Defence Materiel [Read More…]

Eotech & G33 mag M400 300 PRC paratus Mike Pappas's Cold War Ma-Duece TFB Review: Dead Air Flash Hider Frontcaps