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IR.Tools produces powered thermal targets like these. N8 Tactical's new kydex IWB holster, the KO-1. DBAL-A3 on a T91 Deals-of-the-Week-Header-1 Tactical nylon company Defense Mechanisms has added to their product offerings, including the zippered half pocket for their modular placard system shown here. New eye pro from Magpul: the ballistic-rated Helix. Blackhawk has added new light-bearing holster options for the Sig P320. Galco offers purses with specialized pistol pockets, like this "Dyna" model. Meet the new Stealth Elite electronic hearing protection from Pro Ears. TRUGLO's new Carbon Pro bipod.

Concealed Carry Corner: Keys to Maintaining Your Holster

For the majority of shooters, most get the idea of regular maintenance when it comes to your carry gun and even ammunition. One thing that is often forgotten is the idea of maintaining your holster whether it’s Kydex or leather. It’s easy to skip over or [Read More…]

Streamlight brings you the new Stinger 2020 flashlight. Introducing the Raptor bone conduction headset, new from Walker's. Galco's Ankle Trauma Medical Kit is available now. Available now from Steiner and TNVC: the TOR Mini pistol laser. Garmin and Applied Ballistics' shooting-purposed smart watch, the Tactix Delta Solar. The New Viridian E-Series Ruger Specialized Green Lasers

Concealed Carry Corner: Preventing Surface Rust On Carry Guns

Let’s face it, during the summer months, carrying a gun can get a little hot and uncomfortable at times. Naturally during this, the body will sweat and your gun may have sweat on it after a long day of carrying it concealed. It’s not a big deal if it only [Read More…]

Deals-of-the-Week-Header-1 Amend2 6.5 Grendel 10-Round Magazines (1) Hot Gat or Fudd Crap Deals-of-the-Week-Header-1 Deals-of-the-Week-Header-1 linear bottom metal arc iwb