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[SHOT 2022] Maxim Defense Suppressors, MD11 Rifle and Updated MD15

[SHOT 2022] Maxim Defense Suppressors, MD11 Rifle and Updated MD15

Maxim Defense was probably the company with the most new products released at SHOT Show 2022. They have updated their line of MD-15 rifles, introduced an entirely new suppressor product line, released a new AR10 pattern rifle called MD11 … pretty much everything [Read More…]

[SHOT 2022] The Retro Roundup [SHOT 2022] Desert Tech Quattro-15 and QuadMag-53 [SHOT 2022] WEE1 Tactical JR-15 Rifle LMT MARS-L9

[SHOT 2022] LMT MARS-L9 Pistol Caliber Carbine (GLOCK Mags)

LMT unveiled the newest addition to its lineup with the MARS-L9.  The L9 incorporates features from the legendary MARS family of rifles and looks to make a big splash in the PCC market.  I had the chance to shoot the MARS-L9 and talk with LMT about it during Shot [Read More…]

[SHOT 2022] Faxon & Q Collaboration 8.6 Blackout Guns (1) Maxim Defense Announces New MD:11 Series XS Sights AR Armorer's Block

XS Sights’ NEW AR Armorer’s Block – One Block For AR-15/10, Uppers & Lowers

XS Sights took a break from their namesake to bring a new tool to assist shooters that like to work on their AR-15 and AR-308 pattern rifles and pistols. XS Sights’ new AR Armorer’s Block is designed to work with both upper and lower receivers, compared to [Read More…]

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