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Experimental Tokarev Pistol with a Double Stack Magazine (2)

Guns vs. Sex Lube? Testing Grips and Slides with “Personal” Lubricant [April Fool’s Special]

In this very special April Fool’s edition of TFBTV, James Reeves takes a light look at a heavy myth: Is it true that forward slide serrations are important for operating a handgun while your hands are slippery? What about the grip? Is a slippery grip too difficult to handle for mag changes, [Read More…]

Czech STRIKER SR-17 Semi-Automatic Pistol (2) close up of Glock Crossbolt Safety M17 Canik suppressor-ready TP9SFT Ranger Point Precision Kalashnikov Concern Tools Up to Mass Produce the Lebedev Pistol (1) 9mm Operator Atlas Gunworks Nemesis Turnbull VIP 2

Las Vegas Antique Gun Show: A Hidden and Accessible Gem

Often completely overshadowed by the larger SHOT Show, the Antique Gun Show is strategically held during the weekend after SHOT Show (although this year it was held the weekend before). Although possibly not the best antique show in the United States, it certainly [Read More…]

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