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Concealed Carry Corner: Importance of Quality Holsters

Welcome back to another edition of Concealed Carry Corner. Last week, we discussed the struggles of carrying larger handguns and the fight against carrying fatigue. If you happened to miss that article be sure to check it out here. Earlier this week, I started talking [Read More…]

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What makes a Glock worth $1000?

In this episode of TFBTV, Hop takes a look at the Shadow Systems MR920 Elite, a high-end optics-ready Glock clone. The MR920 Elite has some of the usual aesthetic features of a “Gucci Glock,” but also has some more sensible choices like the proprietary Shadow Systems optics cut, and a [Read More…]

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TFB Armorer’s Bench: Using an M1 Carbine Bolt Disassembly Tool

Welcome everyone to the TFB Armorer’s Bench! As mentioned in the little blurb below, this series will focus on a lot of home armorer and gunsmith activities. In this article, I decided to touch on a specific “specialty” tool that I covered in last [Read More…]